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       The Rookwood Pottery Company Store will hosted its  retail event featuring a new series of hand-painted Honey Bears. These one-of-a-kind bears, first created in 1934 by the late artist Louise Abel, Rookwood's polychrome team, led by Deb Smith, was inspired by the concept and hand-painted bears. These Honey Bears range from whimsical to contemporary, and no two are alike.


   Visitors can see the bears and meet Rookwood Pottery  Polychrome team, artists: Deb Smith, Heidi Shannon, Rochelle Dietz, Renee Harris and Ximena Flores.




      Rookwood Pottery Company Store

      1209 Jackson Street

      (with access from 12th & Vine parking lot)








These items have been copyrighted and trademarked by Rookwood Pottery Company and are sole property of The Rookwood Pottery Co.

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