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Born in Quito, Ecuador.  Mestiza,

I have lived in Cincinnati, Ohio for more than 25 years. Received a M.F.A. from the University of Cincinnati. My work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. My deep interest in the origin and evolution of human beings has taken me through different phases.


Ceramic Sculptures that talk about relationships, The beginnings of life and the duality throughout. The forms have a strong visual motion... evolving, transforming... representing the constant universal flow of energy, the intimate relationship between earth and humans, the need of "fulfillment", the "womb", "becoming", "detachment", and more . All of us influenced by natural forces such as wind, water, fire and our relationship with nature. 

Clay figures and Wall pieces that represent the harmony of this

relationship; the enlightenment of human beings. The balance between the lines,forms and color.

Sculptures of human figures as a metaphor. We evolve, and like trees, the older we get the stronger our roots, therefore more stability. 


Pottery exploring funtional art. Ergonomics.Beauty in form and color.

Black and White Photography,  some printed on clay. A study of human sensuality that corresponds to the curves of the nature of our libido. High contrast of Dark and Light (Claro/Obscuro) ; our minds are able to imagine what we desire, becoming "voyeurs" of our own dreams. Color photography is a record of my travels and my own expression. 


Mosaics has given me the opportunity to express myself with color. The infinite possibilities of color sets my creativity free! 

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